Faces of thugs

See that yellow banner? That was mine. These thugs from PRC forcefully took it away from me. Crooks and theives, they are. For background story, read the immediate previous entry.

Then a stranger (in pink hat, in front of the flag) confronted these foreign thugs for stealing my banner.

As she tried to get the banner back, these thugs began to harass her. Many of those harassing her were the ones harassing me.

Then, the whole pack joined in.

The crowd went wild. I felt terrible about not coming to her aid at this point. She came to mine and I failed to come to hers.

And a clear shot of two thugs. I remember those faces.

Some of the photos sent to Reuters. I want these faces to go all over the world. There will be not virtual Great Wall to stop that.


~ by Hafiz Noor Shams on April 22, 2008.

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  1. […] Hafiz Noor Shams wrote an interesting post today on Faces of thugsHere’s a quick excerptSee that yellow banner? That was mine. These thugs from PRC forcefully took it away from me. Crooks and theives, they are. Then a stranger (in pink hat, in front of the flag) confronted these foreign thugs for stealing my banner. … […]

  2. Hi Hafiz! Glad to hear you made it to the run and registered your protest despite all the hoohaa from the China supporters!

    Despite what other comments have written, you should be commended for making a decision on the matter of Tibet, doing your research on the issues (and hopefully that research was done with an open mind, not one that had already been made up), and endeavoring to contribute in no small way.

    However I urge you to keep your reasonable attitude and not resort to name calling – you had labeled them thugs. This is a biased and personal attack more expectedly found from American news coverages.

    The strength of your stand came from your cool headed reasoning. I understand fully well, however, when one is accosted on the streets in that manner, it is a VERY scary experience indeed. And after the experience – guilt and anger make themselves felt and the experience plays itself repeatedly in your mind.

    I urge you to center yourself and realize that you are no longer talking from a logical point of view but an emotional one.

    I daresay it is the same emotional reactions that are causing the “thugs” to behave in that manner. Consider that China as a collective population was so full of pride that they had such a momentous occasion to stand behind. Imagine their guilt and anger when in France the protests turned into violence. Guilt that they could have protected their torch better, anger that such an “unprovoked” attack occured.

    Hence the mass protests happening now in China, and the pro-chinese “thugs” that follow their flag from country to country. You see them as thugs but I see frightened and angry humans who have lost their reasoning to fear and anger.

    Consider this series of events:

    – Tibetan activists start protesting in India and rioting in Tibet. The suppresion of media leads widespread speculation. American media capitalizes on the lack of information to sell their news with hyperbole. French activists are enraged and fear the safety of Tibetans. One though floats foremost in their minds: “Eye for an eye”.

    – French protesters turn violent and now the Chinese want to use violence and heckling to defend their torch – eye for an eye.

    – Chinese supporters use violence and heckling on you and now you weigh your posts with biasedness – eye for an eye.

    – Your posts get used by sympathetic causes and sensationalistic media reporting to further polarize and distance the understanding between the parties involved

    – etc!

    Follow the chain of cause and effect, and it can be traced back in time for as far as you can see, and it will continue as far ahead as well. Realize that in any point on this chain, all it takes is for just one side to stop for an infinitesmal moment to flush out the animal instinct to survive and defend, and replace it with a reasoned understanding and empathy.

    It only takes a few revisions of your previous posts to bring back the objectivity of your tone which was the strength of your stand in the first place. Leave the hyperbole with CNN!

  3. Dan, I am actually sympathetic to the arguments against an Olympics boycott but I call bullshit on your suggestion that the term “thugs” is hyperbole. Taking away someone else’s property and interfering with their person are hallmarks of thuggery, and it is absolutely shameful that we provide a platform for pro-Chinese protesters to voice their opinions, but refuse to provide the same rights to the other side.

    People thrust themselves upon Hafiz and took away his personal belongings. They took it upon themselves to violently expel protesters from Dataran Merdeka. I don’t see how you can not call them thugs and thieves – it’s emotional wording no doubt, but completely justified, even from a rational standpoint.

  4. Lets not call them THUGS if it is so sensitive. Lets call them hired goons or PRC sympathisers then ok?

  5. Hi
    I agreed about Malaysian, police.
    We were held at the plice for 7 hours after they catched us getting into trouble with chinese.
    We just held the falg and chinese are the one to get violent.
    On the way to the police, they shouted at us why we are making trouble.
    I explained nicely but a lot of them said ‘bull shit’.
    They think they can give pressure by shouting and calling us stupid, but they became quiet as soon as Embassy person had arrived.
    Anyway, we were safe, you are safe.
    Let’s just watch how it goes. We can only pray.

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  7. jerk your emotions off in a karaoke r rock concerts, boy. international relations is not fun.

  8. I don’t understand you.
    This is Malaysia, and Olympic torch just happen to pass here.
    What has this got to do with Tibet ?
    You are a very emotional and confused man.

    You have problem with China over Tibet,please sort it out at the right place. By the same idotic logic:-
    Japan has amending history book problem with China,
    US has trade imbalance problem with China,
    India has border problem with China,
    Taiwan has soveignity problem with China,
    Australia has poisonous Imported Food with China.
    So by your stupid deduction, anyone having problem with China, no matter what it is. must try to disrupt the Olympic Torch.

    Pleas broden up your prospective.
    Dont fall prey to becoming Western Propoganda against China.

  9. None of the issues you mentioned is about liberty. You analogy is flawed.

    And I was not trying to disrupt the Torch Relay. I was only protesting. Maybe you are not familiar with the culture of peaceful protest.

  10. It’s Canberra’s turn this Thursday, and I am anticipating even more intimidating action from these proponents of Chinese nationalism. In fact, Canberra police is on high alert, with sweeping powers (by Australian standards) to search participants for weapons (their definition of weapons includes paint-filled baloons).

    Maybe some of us are falling prey to Western propaganda (I don’t rule this out). But the fact is the Chinese government is completely retarded when it comes to handling the PR aspect of this issue, relying instead on encouraging completely deranged displays of nationalism by Chinese youths in particular. Nationalism? Really? WTF, is it 1980 again?

    Just when the peoples of many nations were starting to slowly thaw to the idea of China as a new potential world superpower of sorts, right now through inescapable displays of nationalism, Chinese communities (e.g. students, even grocery stores) are rubbing locals the wrong way in Melbourne, which btw is very metropolitan… in comparison, it’s probably worse in other cities.

    The way the Chinese government managed this drama, it is a major PR disaster. They just don’t seem to get it. Too bad, China stuffed this up. Badly. And other developing nations (e.g. India, Vietnam) are smiling softly.

  11. culture of peaceful protest ??

    Normally it turns up ugly.

  12. it turns ugly only if somebody is not used to free speech. Like the PRC thugs.

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  15. If Tibet can be liberated from China, then I ask you, can Penang be liberated from Malaysia?
    Please answer this one, I am very curios to know your stand.

  16. If there is a referendum, why not?

    After all, Malaysia allowed secession (even insisted) for Singapore. Furthermore, Sabah and Sarawak formed Malaysia after a referendum too. But I’m confident that they will stay in Malaysia because there is no serious call for secession.

    But that is a “what if” question. It hasn’t happened.

    And this is not about Malaysia. This is about Tibet. Don’t try to divert the issue.

  17. 1. Hafiz: there are other ways to jerk off your emotions singing, dancing, playing football and other games, enjoying relations with girlfrinds, reading spy thrillers …

    2. Hafiz: there are other more relevant issues inside Malaysia for you to ecercise your right to protest and refine the culture of protest like massive traffic jam in KL, continued ISA detention of HINDRAF Five

    3. Hafiz: if you argue for a split of tibet from china, surely other can argue for the independence of Scotland, Cprcica, Gibraltar, Taxas, Hawaii, Penang, Sikkim, Quebec, Basque, Kurdistan, Mindanoa, Pattani, Kashmir …

    4. Grow up, boy !

  18. 1. i’m not one of those yuppies.

    2. I have clear opinion on that but that does not prevent me from caring for other issues.

    3. Yes, they could. In fact, some of them have.

    4. why don’t you take up your own advice by watching movie, dancing, etc instead of taking interest in this issue, baby?

  19. Hafiz: I know young man like you have big ideal to save the world and lead the entire humanity to eternal happiness but study hard the specific subject first before you champion a cause. There are many naughty men and women in the America and Europe like the CIA ever ready to exploit the idealism of young man like you to create troubke for other countries. They are making us of “useful idiots” by stirring up simplistic slogans like “Free Tibet”, “human rights”, “free speech”, etc. WE LOVE YOU.

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