Thugs from PRC

I just got back from the whole event and it was a scary experience.

I have been to several rallies in the US and in Malaysia but this experience is the scariest of all.

I brought with me a yellow banner with the word “LIBERTY” on it.

After awhile walking, I was harassed by volunteers from PRC at the Dataran Merdeka and the police did nothing to help me. About 20 thugs from the so-called volunteers youth from PRC surrounded me while flying their red flags-as if trying to cover up their action-and pushing me around. While doing so, they told me not to politicize the Olympics but I told them back that the PRC politicized the Olympics back in the 40s up to the 70s. And the PRC is politicizing the Olympics even right now. Just look at the shirt they were wearing! That made them upset.

Another person shouted that this is China’s Olympics and it is not my problem, not Malaysia’s problem. He said this is a PRC event and I was told to leave. I told them back that the Olympics belongs to the whole world and THIS IS MALAYSIA, NOT COMMUNIST CHINA. That got them doubly upset and it became physical. They finally grabbed my banner and ran away. Somebody, I would want to emphasize, CHINESE MALAYSIAN woman, came to my aid to get the banner back from PRC thugs. She too was later harassed. This event caused a frenzy (the thugs from PRC were on something) and they were shouting, according to the Malaysian friend of mine, insults in Chinese. The police had to calm these thugs down.

As for the banner, it was gone.

And I am very unhappy with the Malaysian police at the Dataran Merdeka. She was harassed but she was the one given a warning while the thugs got away freely. Are Malaysian police work to protect us Malaysians or thugs from PRC?

But she turned up okay and we were interviewed by Bloomberg later. There was The Star reporter but like that newly met friend of mine said, it might not worth the while to talk to them. But I, trying to be polite, talked to the The Star reporter anyway.

Things calmed down until the relay started. I shouted FREE TIBET but was again harassed. This time one person from PRC grabbed me from behind. Being defensive, I pushed him back and shouting “TOLONG” to two police officers nearby. When the police came over but the PRC guy just walked off into the crowd. After some explanation, the police however advised me to let it go. It seems, the police feared these thugs.

After the whole hoo-ha, I noticed that some thugs were stalking me. So, I stayed close to several police officers, being friendly with them in hope those stalkers would back off. It took some time before the thugs relented.

I was slightly shaken but hey, it strengthens my belief in liberty. I’ve been so far only simulating liberty in my head but this is it. Coercion was used upon me and that is a cause for greater stress in liberty.

These thugs are not used to free speech and they tried to impose their un-free political culture back in PRC on others. To them, I say, to hell with you. And if this is how you treat differences in opinion, I would be honored to have been “brainwashed” by the “western media”.

I left Dataran Merdaka for KLCC to make another banner. Bought a yellow corru board and a blue marker from Kinokuniya (too bad there was no Carrefour around) and started redoing my banner in front of Kinokuniya. Curious onlookers watched me and one person whispered to me: free Tibet.

I later ended up at Jalan P. Ramlee but it was pouring like cats and dogs. I took some shots of the Torch but that was it. As with my new banner, the police kindly asked me to put it away. I only obliged since they asked of me kindly, but I informed them why I am doing this. They understood, they agreed with me but they just didn’t want any trouble. In the end, we ended up having a long mundane friendly conversation until I decided to leave for home.

To those in Jakarta and Sydney, be extra careful with these PRC thugs. They are rough and they have no respect for free speech. They don’t mind using force. Make sure you go in groups to protect yourself.

I didn’t have the luxury of going in groups. People like me were badly outnumbered. In fact, three Japanese protesting against occupation of Tibet were thrown out of Dataran Merdeka by the thugs. Not by the police but by the thugs. This makes me wonder, is this OUR COUNTRY or a state under communist PRC?

And that is it from Kuala Lumpur for a Free Tibet. Pictures and more reports will be posted at Metblogs KL. After all, this project is an off-shoot at Metblogs KL.

Jakarta, Sydney, over to you.


~ by Hafiz Noor Shams on April 21, 2008.

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  1. Simply horrendous! While I choose to remain neutral in this issue, the violence by those PRC people are simply inadmissible.

    By the way it’s going to be in Canberra, not Sydney.

  2. Thanks for your account of the day, Hafiz. We had a similar experience on Saturday in Bangkok. I’m going to post a condensed version of this and send people over here to read the whole thing.

    Jakarta has decided to keep the public out altogether, the way India did. These thugs really want to get some conflict going, and one of these days they’ll succeed. They were very provocative in Bangkok (I’ve got my account posted with some pictures).

    All the best, and thanks for standing up for Liberty.

  3. Yeah, screw you. I love the Olympics, don’t ruin it. Use another channel.

    Why don’t you do something about the racism, corruption and resources mismanagement in Malaysia instead?

  4. But is it anything compared to the thuggery, brutality and murderous intent of American soldiers on Iraqi or Afghanistan soil? Tens of thousands of civilians wantonly murdered.

    Or Israeli air forces routinely bombing Palestinians without going through more non-violent negotiations.

    Aren’t you just being a little one-sided and misguided in your focus?

  5. Be extra careful while protesting I learned there are paid protester by PRC

  6. Protestors paid by PRC? You mena like funeral mourners being paid to cry out loud?LOL

  7. i expect you to protest UMNO’s maltreatment of minorities with equal fervour and enthusiasm in the near future. as you said, msia provides an excellent foundation for freedom of speech and expression. i’ll wait for the RTM news report on your street protest against UMNO/BN.

  8. congratulation ! you have found some enemies to love to hate in your dull and boring life ! apply for NED grant now as a “freedom fighter”

  9. I was at Bangkok when they protested. There were a few times when there was almost some confrontation, but the Thai police were alright. They separated the protestors from the pro-China supporters. The protestors get to show their banners and messages, yet the police maintained order. What’s really interesting to me, at least it seems that most of the observer/supporter of the torch were from China, more so than the locals here.

  10. Yes, we were grossly outnumbered. Mea culpa – should have made contact earlier for better co-ordination. I made it to KLCC bearing a T-shirt which got me lots of dirty looks from the Chinese supporters but I wasn’t hassled apart from someone trying to wave a huge Chinese flag in my face.

    BBC showed a lone Free Tibet protester at Dataran Merdeka being shoved by Chinese supporters, who continued to mob her even as she was being interviewed! I suppose when such individuals are raised within an environment where expressions of dissent are instantly quashed and dissidents silenced, they replicate that behaviour wherever they go.

    It’s not over – we can still get the message across, on an individual basis by informing those around us how China oppresses its so-called autonomous regions and ethnic minorities such as the Tibetians and Uighurs, imprisons journalists and cyber-dissidents and Internet users, and intimidates foreign correspondents. There are petitions to sign, such as

    China deserves a gold medal for its human rights violations. Just because China is able to keep 1.3 billion people ignorant of its wrongdoings doesn’t mean that it can silence the rest of the world.

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  12. I’m not surprised that you and a few others were mobbed and harassed – this was shown on BBC. This is done by people who are raised within an environment where dissent is instantly quashed and dissenters imprisoned, and naturally, they will replicate this behavior wherever they go.

    It’s not over yet. We must continue to inform those around us of how China oppresses its so-called autonomous regions and ethnic minorities such as the Tibetians and Uighurs, imprisons journalists and cyberdissidents, intimidates foreign correspondents. There are petitions to sign, such as

    China deserves a gold medal for its human rights violations. This is contradictory to the spirit of the Olympics. Just because China can keep its 1.3 billion population ignorant of its wrongdoing doesn’t mean that it can silence the rest of the world.

  13. Hafiz, maaf kerana nak tanya soalan ini ? betulkah awak ini Malaysian Malay ?….sebab, setahu saya, Malaysian Malay walaupun sebagai kaum majotiri kat Malaysia telah diberi hak-hak yang lebih dari kaum-kaum minoriti lain, dan ini adalah 180′ berbeza dengan layanan yang diterima kaum tibet di China,.. kalau awak ini betul-betul a “humantarian activist” seperti mana yang anda cuba projekkan diri awak ni kat blog ni, tolonglah kaum minoriti kat Malaysialah ! jangan gajah kat depan tak nampak, kuman seberang laut pulak jelas untuk kau ! ……Maaf seribu maaf dimohon kalau ada yang tersinggung dengan komen saya, saya cuba tak mahu rakyat Malaysia diperalatkan oleh orang Barat !…..Well, Hafiz, frankily, you sound more like a foreigner to me…..are you one ?… the way, one last question, have you ever been to Tibet ?….mmm, i think i already know the answer !……Please ” Don’t be so CNN “

  14. Hi Hafiz, maaf, terlupa untuk jelaskan maksud ” Don’t be so CNN” buat kau…maksudnya ialah :-

    ” Don’t be so CNN ” = don’t twist facts.

    people do not scare/worry about facts, but twisted facts , yes !

    phrase ini memang popular kat internet sekarang. mungkin satu hari Oxford Dictionary akan masukkannya kat jilid baru mereka.

  15. Anixi, i really feel sorry for your family because you probably will be those individual that will stand there and applause loudly while your parents are being smear / spit on by others likes CNN,BBC and some german TV station…Oop, by the way, i am glad that you are not a Malaysian…otherwise, i would really feel ashamed.

    ” Don’t be so CNN ” !!!!

  16. […] Also, read about the personal experience of a pro-Tibet protester, Hafiz, who was harassed and pushed around by China supporters. […]

  17. Ali, saya dah suarakan tentang kebebasan di Malaysia. Sila pergi ke Jangan buat assumption saja pandai. Siasat dulu.

    And have ever been to Tibet? Hmm… nak buat assumption lagi? And if you want to know about twisted fact, as the Communist Party. They are good at it. Jangan diperalatkan oleh parti komunis negara China.

  18. Ok, Hafiz, i am translating what i wrote in Bahasa Malaysia (my national language) into English so that you and the rest can understand, also to avoid my comment being twisted by you know who..hahaha.
    “Hafiz, sorry for asking this question, but are you Malaysian Malay ? because as far as i know, even though being the majority race in Malaysia, Malaysian Malay is given more privileges than other minority race, which is 180′ in contrast to what the tibetan getting in China. If you are trully a ” humantarian activist” which you tried to project as one in this blog, then help the minority in Malaysia. “Don’t pretend not to see an elephant right infront of you, but able to spot a germ over a sea” { a direct translation from Malay idiom }. Thousand apologies is offered to those feel offended by my comment, but i just don’t fancy the idea of my country man being manipulated by certain western interest.Well, Hafiz, frankily, you sound more like a foreigner to me…..are you one ?… the way, one last question, have you ever been to Tibet ?….mmm, i think i already know the answer !……Please ” Don’t be so CNN “

  19. well, i said it again if you don’t understand it. I’ve spoken out for liberty in Malaysia, for all Malaysians. Check your fact first.

    Please don’t be so CNN. OR communist China.

  20. Hi Hafiz…look likes you really dislike ( or can i say hate ) communist China. then i got nothing else to say.

    About the ” assumption” thing; actually i learn them from CNN & BBC, they are quite a good teacher.

    I think your real agenda is not Tibet ( you probably will say, i am making another assumption again ). Anixi shall agree with this.

    Ok, i am logging out to see my recorded RTM’s highlights on the Torch Run, which CNN is saying that there were just a few local resident cheering the relay. Hafiz will you help me to post a comment onto the main page, giving fellow netizen RTM’s website for them to view the version from our National TV station instead just from CNN / BBC ( my suggestion will be too politically incorrect for them to allow it to appear on the main page ).

    Malaysia Boleh !!!

  21. Don’t assume. Even if CNN and BBC assume, it doesn’t give you the opportunity to assume. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    And yes, Tibet is secondary. The primary motive is liberty. And obviously, these pro-China supporters have no respect for liberty, especially the way the acted today. And after what happened to me today, hate is an understatement.

  22. The way I see it, I’d rather trust media that have a freer license to broadcast than media in countries where the news is frequently distorted and controlled like China and Malaysia (like RTM).

  23. Ali – your comments indicate just how presumptious and parrochial you are. Continue to wallow in your gross ignorance and indifference and leave this forum to people who give a damn about making a difference to the world’s social conditions. Unlike complacent whining finger-pointers like you, I cannot be indifferent to human suffering, injustice and repression in the world. Don’t even think of telling me what to think or how to act – we don’t need a yet another Chinese Communist Party agent. Oh, do you need me to translate this into Malay?

  24. […] Faces of thugs See that yellow banner? That was mine. These thugs from PRC forcefully took it away from me. Crooks and theives, they are. For background story, read the immediate previous entry. […]

  25. […] shall write a detailed account later when I am free. In the meantime, Kuala Lumpur for a Free Tibet has the account and some photos of a friend being assaulted by these violent […]

  26. I am very happy indeed that Malaysia have so many “activists” with conscience ( and very good command of english language}. You all have actually reinforced my faith with the ideal of free and equal society ! Thank you very much.
    By the way, i know you hate Chinese Communist very much for whatever reason best known to yourself,just to let you know, i am not one.
    So,all “activists” let’s join force to build a better free and equal Malaysia !

    { by the way,i think the Chinese students learnt the wrong lesson from what happened in Paris }

    Cheers !
    Malaysia Boleh !

  27. Hi Hafiz & Anixi,

    Sorry but forgotten to add this to my last comment last night :-

    ” Hatre is the mother of all SINS ”

    Both of you, seems to be very smart & intelligent person, will know what i mean.

    Peace !

  28. […] a foreign communist country by allowing Chinese nationals & Communist Chinese sympathisers to intimidate Malaysians & foreign guests in this […]

  29. […] of a foreign communist country by allowing PRC nationals & Communist Chinese sympathisers to intimidate Malaysians & foreign guests in this […]

  30. Ali,

    The cause of hatred needs to be addressed first. If the way on Monday was how the PRC treats difference in opinion, more people will hate the communist country. If you want to solve the problem, address the root cause, not the symptom.

  31. Free Tibet! Free Palestine! FREE MALAYSIA!

  32. No choice la, the police has order from the garbemen which has diplomatic pressure from China to let their thugs have their way.

  33. In Bangkok, protesters maintained that they were not anti-China and they were there for a peaceful demonstration against human rights abuses conducted by the state. Yet, it seemed that pro-Beijing demonstrators tried to instigate and were more aggressive than they should have been. I hope they are embarressed by their antics.

  34. More power to you, Bro! It doesn’t matter if the abuse of power and human rights violations was perpetrated by China, US, Israel or Malaysia. We have the right to express our views peacefully. Damn those PRC wankers — this is war, bro! They are killing our senior citizens with contaminated starfruit and heaven knows what else. Filthy rogue country, biggest environmental offender in the world. Why the hell are our M’sian Chinese community still giving them our tourist dollars? Shit.
    Aahh, bro…. just ignore the negative comments left by others. Our right to free speech is unilateral. Let them speak, then ignore the comments lah. Buang masa je balas semua soalan bodoh. Bukannya berbaloi pun… what the heck… if it improves their understanding of the issues, then I can say it’s justified. But out of morbid curiosity, they are asking you stupid questions. Betul ke Melayu, bla bla.. kenapa tak tanya “Apa hobi anda?” “Apa makanan kegemaran anda” bla bla. Since it’s just curiosity. Takde kerja lain. Tolong tak hndak. Sokong tak hndak. Jaga tepi kain orang nombor satu!

  35. Instead of reading the blog I can also read a cat fight =)
    I’m neutral and choose to stay aside.

    Love the colors of life.


  36. check this out….

  37. […] out the hard way how violent these volunteers were. I’ve already described my experience at KL for a Free Tibet (and photos of another protester being harassed by the abrasive volunteers from China; my words […]

  38. Bro Hafiz. There is no excuse for such criminal intimadation, Period. I am with you. Liberity is everyone’s right. Why can’t everyone accept that we have a right to our own opinion instead of trying to ‘exterminate’ and crush all dissenting views. Why do some commentators get personal and bring in other non-related issues to divert attention from such disgusting behaviour. How do they feel if they are on the other side of the fence?? Whichever side of the fence we may be in, let us be rational about the whole issue.

  39. How much you know about Tibet issue, bro? Yoa are stepping over the line, bro. As if you walk into a girl birthday party and accuse the girl a whore in front of her own family. Malaysia just trying to be nice with our guest. In retrospect, we also don’t want outsiders to question and dictate out internal politics. How would you feel if a Westerner came and shout in your face demanding you to strip off the Malay priviledges and equality to Chinese and Indian. Would you retaliate? Bro, better save your passion and energy to realise a fair and equal Malaysia.

  40. nusantara,

    I read.

    And your analogy between Tibet and a birthday party is not only flawed, it trivialized the issue of Tibet. Besides, it is not me coming to a birthday party. It is them whom came here and act like it is their country.

    And how do I fee if a “westerner” came and demanding equality to all Malaysia? What if I said I absolutely agree with the westerner?

    Please do not make assumption on how I would react. But even I disagreed with the foreigner, using coercion is never justified.

    In fact, if a mother abuse her child, would you be indifferent and let the mother continue with the abuse? This is a new age my friend. No country is free of criticism just because the country claims the problem is an “internal matter”.

  41. And i just knew bout this blog. Glad to see same minded ppl! at least am not alone! what u did is really courageous !
    pity i cudnt be in KL tat day..

    we shall keep the struggle for human rights alive, no matter wat level of harassment or threat. am really proud of u and all those who stood up in KL.


  42. Oh is it?
    I was there on that day. I even talked to you about “SLAVES” if you still remember.
    Sorry that I may missed out something and saw only peace.
    I shall apologize on behalf of those who treated you bad, even thought I don’t think you deserve my apology.

  43. I shall withdraw my apology.
    You do not deserve it at all.
    You treat somebody with unfairness and expect something good from him? So that you can continue your unfair treatment?

    Yep, I admit that we Chinese do not treat some people in a nice manner when he does not deserve so.

  44. To all the rest that read this entry:
    Yep, I admitted that some Chinese students behaved wrongly… I am sorry for that. But you cannot conclude that this is typical for Chinese people.
    This is just like that you cannot conclude that all Malaysians are damn stupid only because the owner of this blog is so.

  45. Dude, I am not asking your apology. What I asked is respect of free speech. I don’t know how you do it in China but in Malaysia, we have some respect for free speech. Don’t come and impose your communist culture on Malaysians on Malaysian soil. The incident was reported in national newspaper and whole of Malaysia now know how you guys acted like thugs. Come this Olympics, I’m sure a whole lot more Malaysians will not be sympathetic to the PRC due to how those volunteers acted violently. It is one thing debating about Tibet, it is another thing about hitting another person because of Tibet.

    Even if there is differences in opinion, hitting someone because of such difference is not justified. It is not about nice manner or not. It is about respecting difference. Obviously, you guys don’t respect differences. You guys suppress it instead.

    If you guys hit people on foreign lands because differences in opinion, I wonder how you’d do it in Tibet!

  46. Hafiz,

    You’re just one hell of f**king assh*le. You opt to be smacked in your face for trying to sabotage a peaceful Olympic game. Just like any football game, if you wants to play rough, the victim (people who support the Olympic) need to reciprocate with equal force. Trying to be hero, right. Don’t you wouldn’t achieve anything.

  47. More than that, don’t act as if Malaysians supported your action. With thousands of people lining up in the streets as the torch run passed thru, you’re just a lone ranger trying to act tough. Hero, you’re not. Stupid, sure you’re one.

  48. Yes, personally I am OK with free speech. We are not influenced that much by the communist culture as you might expect.

    I am surprised by your title “Thugs from PRC”. How did you come to this conclusion? From the mere fact that some Chinese students bahaved wrongly? Are you trying to impose bad impressions on Chinese students? Why are you doing this?

    I thought you are a guy of fairness (since you are so keen about human rights). But apparently I am wrong.

    Who are you?

    Nvm who you are, I am not going to argue with you.
    I have more meaningful things to do.

  49. […] See that yellow banner? That was mine. These thugs from PRC forcefully took it away from me. Crooks and theives, they are. For background story, read the immediate previous entry. […]

  50. There are several critical postings that I wrote on the behavior of Hafiz, which were censured for unknown reasons. Is this how blogger in this forum censured postings.

  51. way,

    just to let you know, read

    Comments section have been frozen even before you posted anything. I’m letting all comments made up to yours just to explain this to you. Besides, the language you used describe you to the rest. And I’ve just closed the comment section to prevent any more assumption from being made.

    And I didn’t act as if I represented Malaysia. But certainly, not all Malaysians were too comfortable with the event.

    There’s no censorship. It’s only you failing to read the notice. Please don’t blame your mistake on others. If censorship is your real concern, take it up to the PRC media. You should complain about their censorship.

  52. […] Why does that sound so familiar? […]

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